My 3D Doodles

Upcoming sessions
See your sketches come to life in our 3D doodle class! Exploring concepts in math, history, chemistry, physics, architecture, engineering, art, and design, our teachers demonstrate the step-by-step evolution of a 2D drawing to a tangible 3D model.

Our younger learners are guided through the creation of 3D doodles, using stencils provided by PinkyInc! Students will outline the patterns with the 3D pen, and piece together their designs to make something totally AWESOME!! With the help of our magnificent teachers, students will learn the process of 3D printing from beginning to end, and create a physical model of a 2D sketch. These might include anything from animals and insects, to pyramids and houses. Students will be able to bring their finished creations home to share with friends and family.
Daniel Barenboym