Meet our teams

Meet our team

Daniel (Mr. B)
General manager
Dan is a life-long entrepreneur and a technologist by profession. He lives in Wayland with his wife and 3 children. For years he has continued to combine his technology expertise and entrepreneurship to better serve the community. He loves seeing kids have “wow’ and “aha” moments. He wants to be involved with everything STEAM, because he believes these are the kids who will be the future of innovation and ingenuity. He wants to see kids being inspired, and building relationships that are only possible when surrounded by like-minded peers.
Lead instructor
Kiera is in her 17th year of teaching in a local school. Her teaching style is based on a student-centered philosophy that encourages students to discover their unique learning path. She utilizes STEAM every day in her classroom and is excited to bring her enthusiasm for project-based learning to PinkyInc! With experience in teaching students with a wide range of skills, she creates an engaging, fun and collaborative place to learn.
Joseph (Jo Jo)
Junior instructor
While Jo is only 13 he is passionate about working with younger kids. He is fun, funny and kids love him.
Ellie (Ms. Ellie)
Junior instructor
The world is moved forward by the likes of Ms. Ellie. She is very responsible in her approach to life and helping others.
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