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Social Engagement Specialist

Social Engagement Specialist

Job Description

As a social engagement specialist, you will be responsible for executing on our strategic digital communications program, developing and advancing the strategy and voice for the organization's social channels, and engaging and delighting those we serve. S/he will manage components of the brand's online presence across all markets and act as a mentor to contributors. S/he will report to the System Director of Digital Engagement.

  • Date: December, 2018
  • JobTitle: Social Engagement Specialist
  • Salary: $15/Hour Commensurate upon experience and qualification.
  • Start Date: Immediate


  • Maintain and grow the voice of the PinkyInc brand by developing a cohesive engagement strategy and managing and contributing to the development, execution and monitoring of overarching digital communications strategies and specific campaigns for all social channels.
  • Invest in a plan and promotion strategy for events taking place across the organization.
  • Lead efforts to develop a webinar strategy and live video opportunities.
  • Experiment and pilot new programs and tools to increase engagement across social media and digital channels (podcasts, etc.).
  • Report on and utilize data to create and/or refine strategies.
  • Serve as a part time in-house expert for all things digital including emerging trends and practices. Effectively state the business case for investment in new tools and platforms to grow the organization's digital capabilities.


About Us:

In a world where technology is readily at our fingertips, the next generation of today’s leaders are learning how to adapt this technology to solve the problems they face. Our youngest learners have such an intuitive sense of how to best apply te chnology to meet their needs, they are rapidly surpassing adults in use of technology. This is an impressive display of the application of knowledge, and we should be nurturing the development of these skills, which is just what we wish to do! PinkyInc is a place for kids to enhance and embrace their creative problem solving. We want to watch their ideas grow and come to life, right before their eyes!



  • High School Diploma
  • Experience with major social media outlets
  • Some college courses completed
  • Working with educational sector
  • Understanding of human phycology and virality
  • Technology and programming experience preferred, but not required
  • Interest intechnologies and social interactions to some degree



  • Familiarity or experience with social marketing and engagement
  • Familiarity or experience with STEAM topics and projects
  • Effective organization and communication skills
  • Interest in teaching and developing marketing and media skills


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$15/Hour Commensurate upon experience and qualification