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Podcasting Podcasting has become extremely popular with young people today. We aim to teach students the technical skills to create their own podcasts and encourage them to find their voices in the process. We will be guiding them through the scripting process, workshopping, and the stages of production while also getting them familiar with the studio setting, so they can ultimately create their own podcasts centered around their personal beliefs, opinions, and interests.

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  • Computer engineering

    Students will learn how to speak confidently and be able to voice their opinions in a clear and concise manner. They will also become comfortable in a recording studio setting. By the end of this course the students will be able to script and record a short professional sounding Podcast.

    They Will Learn:
    • How to speak independently
    • How to speak with others
    • Form and express opinions
    • Basic improvisational skills
    • Basic time management
    • Script writing
    • Writing workshopping
  • Mechanical engineering

    Students will continue their abilities to speak confidently while taking on technical skills including mic etiquette, operating the board, and using basic recording and sound editing software. They will learn the beginning stages of engineering and how to work and cooperate in a group while in a studio setting. By the end of this course they will be able to write, engineer, and upload their own podcast.

    They Will Learn:
    • Mic etiquette
    • Sound board operating
    • Show engineering
    • Basic recording
    • Basic sound editing
    • More advanced work on the skills they learned in the beginner course
  • Electrical engineering

    Students will take on more advance methods of what they’ve learned from the past two courses. They will learn technical and speaking skills at a more professional level while also learning more complex sound editing and live editing techniques. By the end of this course they will be able to independently script, produce, edit, and upload a professional podcast.

    They Will Learn:
    • Pre-production
    • Post-production
    • Live editing
    • Advanced speaking
    • Advanced engineering
    • Advanced sound editing
    • Advanced script writing